About Me

I’m Sara Linsley – a software engineer, font designer, and comic book letterer living in NYC. I have a Computer Science degree from NYU and strong opinions on science fiction. Feel free to get in contact if you have a cool project you’d like to work on with me.

This website is built with Node and Fastify. This font (Pretzel) is one of the comic book fonts that I’ve designed.

Panels & Interviews


Are you still lettering?

I'm working full-time in the comics industry, so my lettering bandwidth is very limited, but yes!

What advice do you have for new letterers?

Check out my lettering tutorials! I wrote a whole guide on finding work in the industry, in addition to guides on topics like formatting text and preparing lettered assets for your client.

Are you open for an interview?

Not at the moment.

Can I use your fonts on my project?

Yes! All of my fonts have an OFL license, which lets you do many things with the font. I only ask that you do not upload my fonts to other websites for distribution, and that you do not use them to build localization tools that do not pay their letterers with money. The font license I chose was specifically to make it easier for comics creators to use my fonts without worry, not for companies that systematically undervalue the work of designers to profit off of my unpaid labor.

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