Sweat and Soap

Images from Sweat and Soap volume 9 by Kintetsu Yamada, © Kodansha Ltd. / Kodansha Comics.

I handled the lettering and retouching for this series.

The publisher's style for sound effects is to mimic the style of the source, but place the translation off to the side (styled subtitle). I opted to draw all of these by hand.

The signs (Candied Apple, Kara-age, etc) were also localized by me. The original Japanese had to be cleaned off of the art, and then the translation placed and styled in Photoshop. I opted not to replace the shrine's name, because it adds to the environment of the scene and there's no way to replace that vertical text that would look authentic.

When the child and mother speak to each other, the artist had written those lines by hand to show that they're speaking in a different voice. I did the same, and those lines are hand-lettered.